Goodbye Wix and hello Wordpress! I’m sad to say, the Hired Guru character is getting retired and phased out. I felt like it was maybe a bit too cartoony and losing credibility to those who were genuinely seeking out career advice.

Job Applicant Case Study: How I Setup 30 Interviews in 7 days

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Apply online? Nope.

In the months leading up to the Summer, I secured 30 interviews in 7 days. Not even business days.

I didn't apply for one single job. How?

This new technique will help get your resume and information to the top of any hiring managers shortlist. I'll walk you through, step by step, how to get more interviews, calls, and offers by using the Door Knock Technique.

And no, this is not knocking on doors. It's skipping the job application process and going straight to the source: the hiring manager.

For this to be successful, you need 3 things:

  1. A job you want

  2. The Hiring Manager's Name and Email (I'll help with this)

  3. A convincing email pitch

Step 1: A job you want

The first one is easy, I'll let you figure that one out on your own. As for step two and three. Keep reading.

Step 2: The Hiring Manager's Name

To find a hiring manager, look at the title of the job. Let's take a QA Engineer at a start up company. The potential manager for a QA Engineer are generally:

  • CEO

  • CTO

  • VP of Engineering

  • VP of Quality

  • Director of Quality

  • Manager of Quality

  • Team Lead

  • Senior QA Engineer

So who do you choose? Go to LinkedIn and in the advanced filters section, choose the company you're targeting and QA in the title. Look for the highest level of employed person with QA in their title that currently works there. That is likely the best hiring manager to approach with your info.

If you're unsure or unable to find names of people in these titles, try searching for anyone at the company and see QA is in their profile (not their title specifically).

Another method is to review the job description and CTRL+F with "reports to" to see if it's posted in the job description. It is about 50% of the time.

Step 2.5: The Hiring Manager's Email

Now for the fun part. How do you contact these people? 2 options, you can use Fiverr to find someone to dig it up for you OR try one of these resources yourself:

Not all of these emails will work, so be sure you try alternates. You want to find the company email format and you can basically find anyone's email. For example:

Step 3: Convincing Email Pitch

Game time. This is what we've been waiting here. You're about to send an email to potentially your new boss.

What should you say?

You want to accomplish 2 things here: first, to get them to open the email and second to respond. You can't control if they're interested in you or not so don't worry about that for the time being.

Subject line is key. One's I like using include the person's name in the subject line (they have a 30% increase click/open rate). I also like using the word "referred" in there: Referred, QA Engineer.

In the message body, keep it super short. No more than 500-600 characters. First sentence should tell them eer'ything about what you are and why you're emailing them:

"Hi Hiring Manager,

I'm a QA Engineer with 5 years of experience in agile environments with a BS degree - I'd like to work for CompanyName."

You don't have to attach your resume, but include a LinkedIn link at the very least so they can see who you are.

Always, always, always include your phone number at the bottom of your email signature:

"Best regards,



Well that is the Door Knock Technique for getting more interviews than you can handle. Sending out 3-5 of these per day and following up on a few of them you're most interested in should net you considerably higher results than from applying online.

About the Author: Jack

Jack started Hired Guru in 2019 to help job seekers. After a long career in HR and Recruiting, he took industry knowledge and began sharing. The goal was to make it simpler for candidates to get their message across and be heard.

The right stuff and the right people are keys to your career success. Aligning your goals and sharing your intent with the right people will springboard you to the next level.

Jack also recommends LinkedIn and building your network early and often. He is on daily, connecting and networking with newbies to the Hired Guru Team.

Disclosure: Please note some of the links I shared above link to some of my supporters and are referred to as affiliate links. While there is no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click the link and buy something. Rest assured, I have firsthand experience with these products and companies and am very comfortable recommending them. Purchase is totally voluntary. Please do not buy any these products unless you want them.

Goodbye Wix and hello Wordpress! I’m sad to say, the Hired Guru character is getting retired and phased out. I felt like it was maybe a bit too cartoony and losing credibility to those who were genuinely seeking out career advice.

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