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What am I doing here?

Ok, you're here. Goooood. Welcome! Stoked to have you visiting my blog. I'm Jack and I work to provide background data and information about job search, resume writing, interview tips, and tons more. The site is supposed to be a download of all the stuff I've seen in the corporate world over the past 20 years. Lots has changed, but some things never do.

Hope this information is valuable. Couple ways you can start. The list below is a quick start checklist to get you off and running. At the very bottom, you'll also find link articles to popular topics. Upward and onward!

Resume Check

How's it looking?

While a resume isn't the defining item to position yourself for success in a job search, it's certainly a good space to start. Being sure it's up to date, formatted correctly, and looking good. Before spending money, click the Resume Writing button to read about paid resume writing services.

Social Check

Your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Get everything in order. Scrub every page for anything even the slightest bit off color. I've seen offers rescinded because of crude language. Don't let this be the reason your offer gets pulled. Check out Clean Your Socials for more info.

Network Check

Friends close, enemies closer

Your competitors might want to hire you. Be weary of how openly you advertise this but don't be afraid to make connections and meet new people too. This means connecting on LinkedIn, attending trade conferences, and kick starting your business lunches. Check out Networking to learn more.

Priorities Check

What do you want?

Before diving down this path, stop and really consider what it is you're after. This site is great and all because of the funny guru cartoons, but seriously, what do you want from this search. Are you growing a career or running away from a bad habit? Learn more at Career Priorities.

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