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I started Hired Guru after 20 years of corporate experience in recruiting, interviewing, and talent assessment. This is a retirement/side project for me, so it's likely not the shiniest site you've seen and probably has a typo or two. I've since included how to anil your next coding interview on my new site. 

Hopeful it's helpful info - I post mainly about resume tips, interview preparation, how to find a job, how to negotiate an offer, and tips for interviews in general.

Jack started Hired Guru in 2019 to help job seekers. After a long career in HR and Recruiting, he took industry knowledge and began sharing. The goal was to make it simpler for candidates to get their message across and be heard.

The right stuff and the right people are keys to your career success. Aligning your goals and sharing your intent with the right people will springboard you to the next level. If you'd like to read about my favorite job search tools, check them out here

Jack also recommends LinkedIn and building your network early and often. He is on daily, connecting and networking with newbies to the Hired Guru Team.


Goodbye Wix and hello Wordpress! I’m sad to say, the Hired Guru character is getting retired and phased out. I felt like it was maybe a bit too cartoony and losing credibility to those who were genuinely seeking out career advice.

Don't worry, I'll be moving all of the content and adding more to Bagsy.org moving forward.

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